Re-Opening Kick Off Event for the E-Town Museum

Come join us in Elizabeth Town, NM 5 miles North of Eagle Nest, NM on HWY 38, July 28th through July 30th.  Celebrate the Gold Rush days of the late 1860,s to the early 1900,s, when miners, gunslingers, store owners and saloon owners would flock to the town known as E-Town to seek their fortune.  Learn how the area flourished and grew from zero to nearly 7,000 inhabits overnight then diminished almost as quickly by the early 1900’s.  Find out about the life of the miners and how they had to become inventive in bringing the essential water needed to process their findings into gold.  Experience what it must have been like in the lawless boom town with the likes of Charles Kennedy who invited travelers into his home on a regular basis then rob and kill them, making their visit a last stop for many.  And Clay Allison who sought to right the wrongs of others, mostly for his own gain.

Not to worry!  Elizabeth Town is a much calmer place with beautiful views of the surrounding Mountains, trees and streams.  Baldy Mountain where the gold was discovered  in 1868 is a stunning view directly across from the Museum.  Live entertainment will be provided for the whole family, so bring the kids and come join us as we re-open the Museum in the heart of the old Ghost town.  BYOB!

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