The property is well equipped with a superintendent’s house, boarding and bunk houses for the men. On the property is a mill building, with a twenty-ton capacity Huntington mill with crusher and automatic feeder, a commodious boiler and engine room. concentrating room with one Wilfrey table, cyanide annex building- of five-ton capacity; a complete ass-ay office is also connected with the in A gravity tramway 65o feet long at 35 degrees delivers the ore from the mine to the mill.

The workings consist of over 700 feet on the vent, and fully that many more feet have been run in cross-cuts and drifts. The pay ore is found in chutes- extending from t5o to 200 feet. They have just cut and completed a station at the end of the 15o cross-cut, and have installed a Fairbanks, Morse & Co. gasoline engine hoist. which is doing excellent work. They have sunk their shaft down to date fifty feet on the ore chute, the ore paving a good portion of the cost of the development work. It is the purpose of the company to sink down to a level of the mill, which will give in the vicinity of 500 feet of depth from the apex of the vein. ‘rile vein is \veil defined, cutting the entire formation and carrying- values of from $30 to $75 of which about 30 per cent is free. In the earlier days this properly was worked by the old Spanish Arrastra and considerable gold was shipped.


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