About Us

logo-trans-bankWelcome to Elizabethtown, New Mexico 

Our Approach

Escaping the city life and moving to the quite mountain life has been a big adjustment.  We now live in the old ghost town of Elizabeth Town, New Mexico which in it’s day was the first incorporated town in New Mexico.  At one time in the late 1800’s the town consisted of nearly 7,000 residents.  Now there are only enough to count on one hand, along with a few goats, horses, cows, chickens and turkeys.  We are in the process of rebuilding the E-Town Museum, restoring the old chapel for weddings, and opening a new art gallery.  Along with the Museum we plan to open an old Saloon and dance hall to entertain the many visitors we get each summer.  This will double as a reception place for those choosing to have their weddings in the chapel and in keeping with the theme of the old gold rush days.

There is much to do and with the help of all our customers that purchase items from Amazon through our site, we will be able to help fund all our many endeavors.  We welcome your feed back and suggestions and please come visit us to see our progress and experience the beauty of this wonderful area we are blessed to live in.

Our Story

Our story began when we were both 15 years of age, growing up in a small Texas panhandle town we learned good values from our parents and family.  We didn’t date each other throughout our school years and we each went our separate ways when it came to going off to college, however somehow we always managed to keep in contact with each other as we grew older.  I finished college and enlisted in the Air Force while Linda became a flight attendant, we each married and failed in our attempts, we each produced offsprings as a result of our failed marriages.  Still throughout the years we would bump into each other somewhat like those preverbal ships passing in the night.  On a notable date of September 11, 2015 we met again at our 50 year high school reunion.  We married on June 4th of 2016, in the beautiful quaint chapel in Elizabeth Town, New Mexico.  I had already obtained one of the last remaining miner cabins left standing in Elizabeth Town land together we have rebuilt and made this small little cabin into a loving home and show place to spend the rest of our lives.  We invite all who want to come into our home, explore our lives and our world.


Meet the Team


Phil Hall

Founder & CEO

70 years old as of December 07, Retired from commercial construction, now reconstructing the Elizabethtown history and museum.


Linda Joy Hall

Vice President

70 years old as of November 08, Retired, now putting together wedding events for the Elizabethtown Chapel and helping with the museum.


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